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Author Topic: define bedrest?  (Read 2840 times)


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define bedrest?
« on: February 12, 2009 at 02:54 PM »
ok so my last pregnancy I had a miscarriage.  This make one good one miscarriage, one set of twins, one miscarriage, and now I am pregnant. That is 5 all together.  I go in not wanting a miscarriage family doc says lets check progesterone level just to rule that out off the bat. Ok so the level is 4.8 and needs to be about 11. I got on progesterone.  Then I finally got into a doctor after crying and begging someone to see me before 8 weeks, and they send me for ultra sound. Baby measures 11 weeks. Odd? I think I am only 8.  Oh yeah get off your feet immediately there is a bleed under your uterus. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Fear panic, drama, trauma. I just saw the baby and listened to its heart!  A bleed means a blood clot under placenta bedrest for at least a month it should heal.  Um oh yeah did I mention I have an 8 yr old and twins that are 4 and not in school! 

Call out the calvary. Family is a wierd thing huh? You ask to borrow 10 bucks, no way the world will end. You mention bedrest and a house full of relatives shows up! Cooking cleaning, yelling at your kids. LOL the twins arent as traumatized this week.  They look at my mom like I see you at Christmas why are you getting on to me?  There is the mommy pick me up I want to hold you.  Lillie says doctor says no leylah. Not till doctor says yes, there is a baby in mommys tummy.  Liilie and Leylah are the twins.

So I lay here, sit here, get up to pee a million times a day.. Lay here sit here. And then I wander can I sit up? Should I be laying. Is it the laying or the not doing anything in my life that is supposed to help this? All the info out there is too scarey to read.  I moved the doc apt up a week so i can see the baby again and hope the blood clot is gone. 

Blood clot isnt that what old people die from? Another fear to face while I sit here, lay here, try not to toss and turn. 

So that is my story.  My twins come in and visit every 30 minutes.  Kt the 8 yr old asks if I need anything and loves being spoiled by my mom, and grandma. And THANK GOD I was loaned a lap top for this time.  I miss walmart! Couple weeks to go.


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Re: define bedrest?/Blood clot under the placenta
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2009 at 11:27 PM »
Hi, Sandisays. Welcome to the board. This must be such a frightening time for you. I'm so glad to hear your family is there to offer support--even if they do drive you and your kids crazy sometimes. :+) Not being able to pick up your kids for hugs IS the worst. We put a mattress on the floor so that my daughter and I could still share hugs without me having to bend over or pick her up. 

Could you give your doctor a call to see if you should be sitting  down or lying down? I know if you're having contractions or high blood pressure, you should be  lying on your side because it improves blood flow to the baby. I haven't read what to do for clots, so give your doctor a call. They're there to help! I'll keep you in my thoughts...

Please let us know how you're feeling, and what happens at your next appointment.

Has anyone out there had a similar experience they can share?