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new here
« on: June 14, 2013 at 09:18 AM »
Hello everyone :),

I'm new here, this is day 6 of bed rest for me.

Everything started on Saturday June 8th. I was 28+6 (29 weeks on the Sunday) and had woken up with menstrual type cramping that morning. I didn't really think too much of it. My husband and I had planned a family day-trip with our 4 year old and I didn't want to stay home because our daughter was very much looking forward to the trip.

We went to a science center for kids, which involved a lot of walking. Shortly after lunch time I started feeling contractions. At this point I was getting a little worried, so my husband and I decided to cut the day short and head home (about 3 hours away from the science center). Upon getting home my I started timing the contractions and realized that they were coming every 8-9 minutes. At this point my husband and I were getting very worried so we took our daughter to her grandparent's place and headed in to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital they gave me a shot to stop the contractions and admitted me for the night. Over night I had really no contractions to speak of and was feeling pretty good. On Sunday morning I woke up with painful contractions and immediately hit the call button for the nurse. They put me on the monitor and could see that I was having contractions every 7-8 minutes. At this point they paged my doctor to come in early. When my doctor got there she did a fFN test, we would later find out that the results were positive, and checked my cervix which was thinned out as compared with Saturday night but still tightly closed. So the my doctor gave me another med (a suppository) to try to stop the contractions and gave me the first steroid shot for our LO's lungs. They also started an IV for fluids and antibiotics. I stayed on the monitor but the contractions didn't slow or stop at all, so at this point my doctor decided that I needed a transfer to the IWK (a bigger hospital with a NICU, about 3 hours away from my home town, ironically in the same city as the science center we visited the day before). So it took another hour or two to get the ambulance situated; they were originally going to take me via helicopter but I got bumped because they needed to transport a higher priority patient who was having a heart attack (or so I was told). At this point my contractions were hurting a lot and I was having contractions every 4 minutes and they were lasting about a minute.

On the way to the IWK, about half way through the trip, we had to stop at another hospital because my contractions were getting worse and the paramedics wanted to have me checked to ensure that Harrison (our LO) wasn't trying to come out any time soon. When they checked me at that hospital I was dilated a finger tip and had thinned out some more. The doctor there felt like we could definitely make it the hour and 20 minutes or so to the IWK so off we went (this time lights and sirens).

When we got to the IWK I was still contracting every 4 minutes. They gave me some more antibiotics and fluids in my IV and started me on Adalat (Procardia in the US) to try to halt the contractions. At this point it is 8 or 9pm on the Sunday. I continued contracting and around midnight they checked me again and I was a little over 1 cm dilated. At this point they did an ultrasound to see what position our LO was in, he was breech. So they started talking about a c-section and they had the NICU team come to talk to us about what would happen with our little boy if he were born now and what we could expect and everything. It was honestly the most terrifying moment up to that point. Up until then I felt like the whole thing was just a dream, or like bad luck or something. That there was no way our baby boy would come out yet. Up until that point I was 100% confident that they would stop the labor, I wasn't even sure I WAS in real labor up until then, I just kind of thought it was much ado about nothing. So at this point my husband and I are getting very scared. They continued to monitor my contractions and dilation and I received some pain medication. Thankfully I did not dilate any more throughout the rest of the night and around 4 or 5 Monday morning the contractions just stopped, all at once. I had been contracting every 4 minutes and then they just left, as quickly as they had started.

So they kept me on the Adalat and let us get some sleep (it had been a very long day/night before). On Monday afternoon I had the second steroid shot and an ultrasound which showed that Harrison was 3lbs6ozs (estimated), was no longer breech (at least not when they did his scan, haha), and that our cervical length was "good". It wasn't optimal for this stage in the pregnancy but it wasn't horribly thin either at 2.7cm. I was still about 1cm dilated, but neither my cervical length or my dilation had changed since around midnight on Sunday (or early Monday morning?).

Fast forward to today and I'm home on bed rest and off of the Adalat. So far so good, the contractions are staying away for now. I still have the menstrual type cramping and the occasional "real" contraction but nothing regular or consistent. I am allowed up to use the bathroom and to shower (no more than 30 minutes) but other than that I'm stuck laying down or sitting in a recliner with my feet up. I have to stay on bed rest until I am 36 weeks (I will be 30 weeks this Sunday).

I was supposed to go to Ontario to visit family with my mother and my 4 year old this week, but obviously I didn't get to go on the trip. So my daughter is away this week, but she will be home on Tuesday of next week.

Do any of you moms have other children? If so, how do you cope with looking after them while on bed rest? My mother has been more than helpful and has offered to stay and help me as long as I need, but I feel terrible because she is also the full time caregiver to my great aunt (who has dementia, so it isn't an easy job to look after her) so she is spread thin as it is. Do you ladies think it is possible for me to manage on my own, or would you recommend letting my mom stay to help? My DH works 10 hour days, 5 days/week, 6 days every other week, so it is really just me and my 4 year old 90% of the time.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, my last pregnancy was perfect so this is all new to me. Any suggestions on things I can do to keep myself and my daughter busy would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: new here
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2013 at 05:32 PM »
Hi Andi!

So glad they were able to stop contractions, especially when they were coming on so hard and fast like that!  I know what you mean about not really being convinced that you're in real labor...there's part of me that thinks that all contractions I've had up until this point are just Braxton Hicks contractions and not "real"  :-\

I'm on about the same day of bedrest as you (4 days in the hospital, 6 days at home so far) seems like sooooo long but I know it really isn't.  I have 2 other little ones at home right now as well (older one is almost 5, the youngest is 2).  The older one mostly understands that I can't go and help him when he's feeling needy (which he had to get used to, he is in the middle of a phase where he wants company when he goes to the bathroom).  The little one has surprisingly been good at following commands that I give him (he'll bring me cereal for him to eat, etc). 

I guess it depends on how independent your daughter is, how well she'd be able to entertain herself and how much she understands that you can't come running to help her if she needs it.  Both of mine go to daycare during the week (both husband and I work full time, or at least I worked up until last week) and I honestly don't think I could handle both them by myself.  My husband has run out to the store really quickly, or ran an errand for less than 2 hours and they've just sat with me on the bed (watching a movie or playing a game).  Given the option, I'd let your mom stay and help as much as possible.  How comfortable do you feel being alone (and sedentary)?  Is it possible for your mom to take your daughter (and still be able to take care of your great aunt)?  Maybe just periodically?

Usually when I'm trying to keep the boys busy, the old standby is TV (I guess a little brain rotting overload on TV right now isn't bad, if they sit still for a while :) ), some games (I was thinking of sending my DH to the store to get a new board game like Candy Land or something that would be different than the usual :) ), and the occasional craft type thing (older one is more likely to do the craft stuff, little one just makes a mess  :-\ ).

I'm anxious to hear what other things everyone is doing with their other kids...especially on the long weekends at home :)
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Re: new here
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2013 at 10:52 AM »
Thanks! It was such a relief when the contractions stopped.

And my daughter is fairly independent but used to being outside and very active (we don't have TV or satellite/cable or anything, just see it as a needless expense). We live on the waterfront so I'm not comfortable allowing my daughter to play outside unsupervised just yet (she knows to not mess with the water, but knowing it and actually staying away are two different things). So, I think I will accept my mom's offer to come and stay for a while. Unfortunately that means bringing my great aunt to stay too (I know it isn't her fault but it is very stressful living with someone who is very capable physically  but isn't there mentally), so hopefully it will work out ok.

I also spent 4 days in hospital (Saturday-Tuesday), so this is day 7 on bed rest for me. I had some bleeding yesterday (brown spotting) so I had to go in for monitoring for a couple of hours. All looks good, a few contractions showed up on the monitor but nothing regular. fFN test is still positive but there was no change in my cervix so I was allowed to come back home. Since then though I am scared to get up for anything. I made my husband bring a plastic chair inside for me so I can sit while I'm in the shower (yes, I feel REALLY stupid doing it). So now I'm hungry, out of instant food and bread for sandwiches, but too scared to cook anything. So (I am also out of milk, can't go grocery shopping and DH's only day off this week is tomorrow) I'm laying on my couch eating dry all-bran cereal.

Moral of the story: Bed rest sucks :(

I feel awful having this pity party. I am so beyond thankful that Harrison is still cooking, but I'm just having an off-day I guess. I miss my daughter, I'm sad I had to miss this vacation (it was a mother-daughter trip, so my mom, my grandmother, myself and my daughter were all supposed to go; we have had this trip planned for over a year and I was very much looking forward to it), I'm lonely because I haven't seen anyone all week, my butt hurts, and I am just so sick of not knowing what is going to happen. I think that is the worst part, this not knowing what to prepare for. If I knew 100% that I will have Harrison prematurely I could prepare and I feel like, while it wouldn't be easy, I could deal with it. This not knowing just sucks, because I am hopeful that I can carry him full term, but at the same time I don't want to get my hopes up, and at the same time as all that I am terrified at every tightening, every twinge, every little thing that could possibly signal that something isn't right.

Tomorrow will be better, but today I guess I just needed to have a little melt-down. Sorry for the rant.