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Author Topic: Placental abruption, anyone?  (Read 1860 times)


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Placental abruption, anyone?
« on: January 25, 2010 at 10:33 PM »
Hi there,
I'm Sarah, I'm new here.  I've been on bedrest since about 15 weeks, I'm now at 19 weeks.  This is my 3rd baby and my first time experiencing this.
At Christmas, I had a spontaneous bleed which the Dr's thought was from a placenta previa.  I had that condition with my first pregnancy that resulted in a c-section.  My 2nd pregnancy was an uneventful VBAC.  This is a total cluster --.  Turns out that I don't actually have placenta previa again (yay!!) but instead, they found a huge blood clot inside my uterus.  They suspect it is caused by an edge of my placenta either not attaching right or coming detached and bleeding like crazy into the uterus.  Now I'm on bedrest to keep the bleeding to a minimum.  So far so good, my clot is stable and now I'm just waiting.

I guess I'm ok with the bedrest.  I'm just bored.  I have a hard time sitting still in normal conditions but now I just have ants in my pants.  I push myself and can't stay still.  I'm supposed to stay on the couch but I find reasons to jack-in-the-box off of it every time I might be needed.  It is actually pretty easy to do with a 4 year old and a 2 year old!  I'm a stay at home mom and my hubby is now working from home most days.  My MIL, my mom and my hubby take turns babysitting me most of the day. Bedrest is a lot harder than it sounds!


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Re: Placental abruption, anyone?
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2010 at 12:22 AM »
Hi Sarah,
I'm so sorry to hear of your condition. I'm not pregnant anymore, but was introduced to this site by the KeepEmCookin moderator on twitter. I told my bedresting story on one of the posts. After I finished BR, I became the San Diego coordinator for Sidelines, a BR support group like this one.
I don't think anything can be harder than BR with two little ones at home. Is there any way your MIL, mom, husband (on weekends) can take the kids out so you can have uninterrupted time to BR at home? Try to play games with them where they sit quietly with you on the couch, or nearby. Lots of books to keep them occupied when they come into mommy's quiet zone, coloring books, etc. Sidelines used to have packets for children of BR moms so you could help explain to them why mommy has to stay on the couch. Sarah, whatever it takes, you MUST stay down. You are at risk, and so is your child. Find books, take up knitting or crochet, or needlepoint. Draw or write in a journal. Organize your photos. Take the time to recognize it's YOUR time to rest and be quiet. Your baby needs you to do this, just one day at a time.
Best of luck,