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Author Topic: Re: Men: What advice do you have for other men with wives/girlfriends on bed rest?  (Read 6575 times)


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This is our third child and my wife's third tme on bedrest. However this is her 1st time on bedrest at home. I'ts killing her to know that I'm doing everythig because she is very particular about how things happen. We have a very busy schedule and my job is not condusive to the schedule we keep. The one thing that I have learned but still have a lot to learn about is listen. All you have to do is's really that simple. Now I don't mean just listen to your bedrest mom. Here are a few more people you might coonsider really listening to:

  • her best friend -(that person is hearing things you're not)
    the Dr. / Midwife (Duh)
    Other bedrest moms ( this is a good place to start
    the nurses (they may have seen this atime or two)
    Her parents (they may drive her crazy (and maybe you too) but they raised her)
    Common sense ( yeah the game may be on,you might have only 3 pages left in that book or you have 1 last boss to beat in that video game, but what else needs attending to?) 
I won't lie that last one is me ;)... but as I said I still have alot to learn. So go ahead... I'm listening.


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Excellent insights!  Good luck to everyone! Christy