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Author Topic: 23wks 4days .5 cervix and funneling  (Read 1909 times)


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23wks 4days .5 cervix and funneling
« on: February 21, 2014 at 03:11 PM »
Hi all I am so glad to have found this group.. My name is Kay and this is baby #3 my precious girl #2, I am 30 and terrified.

I went for an U/S a month ago and my cervix was 2.7 so she wanted me to come back in 2wks for a recheck, 2 wks and the Dr. that day said it looked good they must have measured wrong but I needed to have another check in 2wks just to be sure. Well on Monday the 17th I went in and it was only .5. So I immediatly was sent for steroid shots to mature her lungs and started nightly progesterone suppositorys.  I also have gestational diabetes and was started on 22units of insulin along with 1500mg of Metformin. I am praying each and everyday that she stays until it is safe for her to come out. Each night I take the progesterone my hubby and I do a victory chant :) I cant wait to meet and talk to other moms who have or are going through the same thing.