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Author Topic: Monday Roll Call for March 10, 2014: Silver Linings  (Read 3119 times)


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Monday Roll Call for March 10, 2014: Silver Linings
« on: March 10, 2014 at 09:04 AM »
Happy Monday! I thought I would bring back a great topic posted by a long-time forum member. During her bed rest she wrote:

"If you asked me to think of the things that suck about bed rest, I could name, like, 68 off the top of my head. But recently something happened that made me say, 'I'm kind of glad I'm on bed rest.' I'd love to get a thread going about good things about bed rest - serious, silly, or otherwise. Just a thread to make us all smile. I'll kick it off."

Here are a few that the ladies then had to say:

"I don't have to do dishes."
"I don''t have to spend money on maternity clothes."
"My husband told me, 'I don't know how you do this everyday, I have a whole new appreciation for everything you do.'"

What are YOUR silver linings of bedrest? Can't wait to hear what you will add here!

And don't forget to give us your update below. Let us know how many weeks along you are and if anything has changed since last week!

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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Re: Monday Roll Call for March 10, 2014: Silver Linings
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2014 at 11:23 AM »
My silver lining of bed rest is that it made it possible for me to carry my little guy to full term!

This is me right after getting home from the hospital after my first episode of preterm labor (I still have my hospital bracelets on!), I was 29+4:

Here is the ultrasound picture they gave me to try to make me feel better, I was 29+1 along. They were doing the ultrasound to decide whether to let me try to deliver him vaginally or whether to do a c-section. He was breech, so we decided on a c-section. At the time I wondered if it would be the last picture I had of my son alive and healthy:

And here is my boy at 29 weeks old, happy, healthy and thriving! 29 weeks old has a lot of meaning for me because at 29 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor the first time. The first time was by far the worst, especially when they were having trouble stopping it, but we got through it. The best thing about going through bed rest is my healthy son:

I hope the pictures help to put it in perspective for all of the moms currently struggling through bed rest. It is tough and it sucks but it is SO worth it. A healthy baby is about the best silver lining there is. Good luck to all of you ladies, I hope you all reach full term!
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Re: Monday Roll Call for March 10, 2014: Silver Linings
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014 at 12:40 PM »
Hello- still cookin' at 37+3 days! I have been up and about and doing the other kind of baking as that is one thing I usually enjoy doing for myself and family. Chocolate cake anyone? I have also been going out and about like reading a book to my daughter's class and even going to lunch with my husband! It feels good to be part of society again. I was a little apprehensive but the more I'm out the more normal I feel. I hope that much of this activity is helping bring back some of my strength and stamina before our baby arrives. I was actually thinking about the idea of positive things about bed rest prior to the post. Strangely enough I can come up with a few.
 First, I think I probably spent a lot more time with my husband and daughter than I normally would if I had continued to work. I was indeed a captive audience for my daughter's many pretend games, even if I wasn't always in the mood to play, I would do my best to be there for her so she didn't feel abandoned by me. She seemed to enjoy what ever I could do no matter how much or little I was engaged. So I'm glad I could do that for her. It was somewhat similar with my husband, though minus the pretend games. We shared each day most days together since he manly works evenings just talking or having meals or taking naps. I was surprised we didn't get on each other nerves too much, even though I know he was tired a lot. And one more positive thing was other then allowing my baby to come full term, which I know is truly number 1!, but I spent a lot of time with my own thoughts and learned a lot about myself, my ability to grow my patience, let go of so many feelings of guilt about work, acceptance of the situation I was placed in, ponder my life and focus on the little baby wiggling inside me all the time. I know I will likely never have so much time to myself again and maybe just maybe long for one day of bed rest when I am super sleep deprived, trying to go to work each day, and juggling a four year and newborn as the spring weather pulls us outside to the warm sun! Best of luck to all the bed resting mamas and babies- keep 'em cooking! Hugs:)- jennylou


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Re: Monday Roll Call for March 10, 2014: Silver Linings
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2014 at 03:05 PM »
Hi!  I am officially transferring from Vancouver to Pr. George today!  Had my ultrasound yesterday morning (Tues) and my cervix is still stable at 2.3cm, it's been this way for 6 weeks I think.  So I have the green light to transfer closer to home as the NICU there can take babies at 30 weeks.

My silver lining is that after spending 11 weeks apart from husband, we likely won't have a '7 year itch' this year as we celebrate 7 years married in July!  The time has gone by relatively quickly and I hope the time I have to spend at my parents until baby is born go by equally as fast. 

I am 30w1d today and will continue to be on modified bed rest... so an anxious couch potato counting down the days we get to welcome our sweet baby girl!  :)