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Author Topic: To give you hope with PROM or short cervix or bedrest  (Read 2815 times)


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To give you hope with PROM or short cervix or bedrest
« on: July 01, 2014 at 11:01 PM »
So I read this site a lot when I was pregnant, and wanted to give others hope as some stories did for me. I was pregnant with identical twins and ruptured one sac at 22 weeks, after given a wonderful ultrasound review 1 week prior.  I didn't have any risk factors except for having twins. I was told by the doc that delivery now would end in a miscarriage, but to try bedrest til 24 weeks and hope for the best. So I laid on my back and only got up once a day to use the restroom, but used a urinal in bed. The bedrest wasn't hard, but the anxiety of not knowing if my kids would live or if they would have severe complications from bring born early tore me to pieces.  Also, my cervix was .7cm, but that didn't concern me, only the loss of All my fluid on one kid; the other was fine. Every day was a battle. After 10 days-ish, my fluid started to come back, but I leaked hourly. Luckily, I made more than I leaked-- because I literally drank 1 gallon of water a day and did not get out of bed or sit up.  I am a master of drinking lying down.

35 days later, I moved into the hospital at 27 weeks. They wanted me to go in at 24 weeks, but i said no. My home window view, the food and my hope was stronger at home. Working in the medical field, I knew there was little they would do for me in the hospital til delivery. At 27 weeks, I drove 3.5 hours (I laid in the back, my hubby drove) to a high risk medical facility.

The new doc said I could get up to use the restroom freely and even shower. I had been taking bed baths before. After following his advice, I started to leak a lot again and developed high anxiety for going backwards. So I put myself on strict bedrest...against the advice of all the nurses and docs. I refused internal ultrasound exams to measure the cervix because I didn't want to risk an infection (which would cause labor) and there was nothing they would change medically knowing the cervix size anyways. It was crap when I arrived, that was already known. They said i would get urinary tract infections, blood clots or bedsores for not getting up more than once a day. But I wasn't immobile in bed, my legs moved, I could adjust myself freely. I knew their logic stemmed from immobile ICU or orthopedic patients. So I didn't listen. Eventually, after drinking 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons water a day, I got all my fluid back on the kid. 

I laid on my back for 72 days total with a cervix of .5cm. At 32 weeks, I started getting up to use the bathroom because I was in the 'safe' zone and my doc really thought I should. And my belly was so huge, it was harder to pee in bed. 2 days later, I re-ruptured and went into labor 3 days later. Kids were born 32 weeks, 5 days; born 4 lbs 12 ounces and 4lbs, 3 ozs. They stayed in the Nicu for 16 days, had some oxygen challenges, but otherwise did well and went home around 35 weeks and are doing great, except for all the crying. Twins are a challenge! After all that bedrest, it is a challenge to gain some strength back, but I didn't have any complications the docs/nurses feared. It's been 2 months and I do have sore joints, but stretch regularly and keep moving.

But for those who rupture early, or have short cervixes, you can totally make it. I didn't have a cerclage, I didn't get meds. (They gave me steroid shots at 25 weeks, but I found out later that it only works if delivery was within 10 days I think, and so for me, was an unnecessary med.) Just trust your instincts, do research on medical websites for knowledge, and look for support. I couldn't have done it without my husband. And I can't imagine how hard it would be with other kids in the house. But it's doable. Don't look at statistics; just go with your gut.