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Author Topic: Marginal placental separation  (Read 2021 times)


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Marginal placental separation
« on: September 17, 2014 at 07:07 PM »
Hello everyone.

This is my second pregnancy due in early Jan, 2015 the first one went to term at 39 weeks 6 years ago. I am almost 24 weeks now, but had vaginal bleeding at 19.5 weeks that lasted 1/2 a day. Marginal placental separation was the cause and I have been put on modified bed rest since. I expect this will continue for the rest of pregnancy, but right now the doc wants me to get to at least 30 weeks.

It has been hard so far these past 4 weeks and Jan seem so far away but i am occupying myself with working part time on bed rest. Has this issue with the placenta happened to anyone here? I don't have cervix issues (for now) but is that something I may have to ask the doctor to monitor?

Any suggestions/inputs. Thanks for the help.