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Author Topic: Hospital Bedrest - Complete Previa & Vasa Previa  (Read 2462 times)


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Hospital Bedrest - Complete Previa & Vasa Previa
« on: May 09, 2015 at 12:28 AM »
Hi ladies- so glad to have found this forum; what a great resource for our unique situations.

I am almost 30 weeks with a baby girl (I have fraternal twin girls that are almost 2 at home). A few months ago I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa and put on pelvic rest; luckily baby girl always looks great. I work from home so I have a nanny for my girls, but there was still a lot of time I was up and around with 2 toddlers as my husband works a lot. We also have been setting up a bedroom for the girls to move into upstairs so they can move out of the nursery when baby sister comes; so there was always a lot of tension between chores, the girls' needs and trying to rest. Then 4 weeks ago they additionally diagnosed me with vasa previa which is a lot scarier because the baby is at higher risk. They moved the timeline up for c-section to 36 weeks (to prevent me from going into labor naturally which is high risk). I had some spotting here and there, but 2 weekends ago the spotting was not getting better so they admitted me; luckily baby & I are okay, but they told me to get comfortable because I wasn't going home (and gave me a steroid shot for her lungs). After my tears on the new reality and the fact that I miss my girls so much, the NICU nurse was reassuring about the "what ifs" of a 29 week old preemie. 2 days in the bleeding got better and now I'm just being monitored. They want me nearby in case anything does happen though as they'd need to take action quickly.

Its a nice hospital and near my house; we are managing (no family nearby, but friends are helping). My husband poor thing looks exhausted all the time trying to juggle it all. I'm doing okay, reality is setting in as I (hopefully) am here another 6.5 weeks. I luckily can work a bit and my girls come to visit me daily. Its so hard that I'm not there for them and I can tell they are both more sensitive and clingy than usual. Despite keeping busy, I do get lonely and restless here; I don't sleep that well here.  I also worry that its not just about getting through this phase, but that my husband will be exhausted and the girls will struggle with yet another change when baby & I come home. I know I have more to go, so thank you for your support and tips.


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Re: Hospital Bedrest - Complete Previa & Vasa Previa
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2015 at 11:04 AM »
Hi aaiduck,

I am not familiar with this diagnosis - what does it mean? What are the risks?

My last pregnancy I spent 12 weeks on hospital bed rest - week 12 - week 15 and then week 24/5 to week 32 when I delivered my baby boy. Luckily, he's recovered very well and is now a healthy, adventurous and very energetic 3 year old.

After the bed rest and NICU, it took all my strength and determination to brace myself for a second high-risk pregnancy. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with a girl and have been on bed-rest since mid-January (fortunately, this time around I am at home).

I know how frustrating and at times completely depressing bed rest can be and I can sympathize - it is much harder when you have a toddler (let alone two)! Honestly, the hardest part of this pregnancy has been my complete inability to take care of my boy. His father works long hours and so we've hired two! nannies to cover every minute when my husband is not home. My MIL helps, too. I realize I am so spoiled to have all of this support, but I miss playing with my son so SO much I honestly can feel physical pains sometimes.

Hang in there, because every day you manage to keep the little princess in is - 2 days in the NICU. You have done an amazing job so far - 30 weeks is really good and it sounds like you are in a good enough shape to keep cooking for another 6,5 weeks.

I guess this post is not of much help as I don't know much about your specific condition, but remember that you are not alone and this is by far the most important job you will ever do. Your little girls are too young to remember your hospital stay and while 6.5 weeks might look like an eternity to you, the fact is that it is not much in the grand scheme of things. Very soon you will gift your little girls and hard working husband with the most precious gift of all.

Best of luck!
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Re: Hospital Bedrest - Complete Previa & Vasa Previa
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2015 at 12:07 AM »
Thanks wbondger!  Your words of encouragement mean a lot. It does physically pain me too that I can't play with and be with my girls as much. It is reassuring to know my girls are too young, though, to have any memories of this time. Bravo to you for gearing up to do bed-rest yet again; what a great gift a sibling will be for your son.

The risk with complete placenta previa are that I have to do a c-section early (which I had with the twins anyways) because the placenta is in the way (its over my cervix) and could significantly bleed if cervix starts to dilate. I also have to restrict sex, exercise, etc. - anything that might cause bleeding. Bleeding is common, but if it gets bad or persistent then they'd have to deliver early.

The risks with vasa previa are a lot scarier - basically something to do with the babies blood vessels being close to my cervix. What happens when undiagnosed, or often in third-world countries is if you go into labor, then baby looses all of their blood and dies. So, yet again thankful for good doctors. Same idea - if I bleed to heavily (hopefully my blood and not the baby's) then we need to deliver asap. Otherwise, we just need to deliver before I'd start any signs of labor (thus the 36 week goal).


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Re: Hospital Bedrest - Complete Previa & Vasa Previa
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2015 at 04:47 PM »

I know how scary and lonely and restless it can feel on hospital bedrest. You are in the right place for your little girl. It will be an adjustment for everyone for these next 6 weeks but it's amazing how much resilience little ones have - and how much they won't remember this time. ;)

Each day, each hour on hospital bedrest feels like an eternity. It can get really lonely and depressing and you may have moments where you feel claustrophobic or that you just want to stand up because you're frustrated and sick of it! It's all totally normal.

I want to also gently remind you that now even more than ever it is really important that you keep your stress levels low to prevent preterm labor or other complications. (See here:

I have a free guide that I created based on my experiences on bedrest at home and in the hospital of things you can do even lying in the bed at the hospital that will keep your stress low.

I'm happy to jump on the phone with you to offer additional support if you'd like. Please don't feel like you have to figure this all out on your own.

You are doing a fantastic job! Hang in there!
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