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« on: May 07, 2010 at 05:04 PM »
Just wanted to share some good news I got from the doctor at my 31 week appointment yesterday.  I was told that at 35 weeks I can start moving around the house and can go out to dinner one night.  I am so excited about this because our baby boys room still needs some finishing touches so I will be able to do those then!  And of course dinner out with my husband will be fantastic!  At 36 weeks I will be taken off of Procardia and off of bed rest to return to work.  I wonder if I will remember my job?  So with less than 4 weeks away before I can move around the house I am starting to feel better because I know this is all going to come to an end very soon!  Anyone else have any news that made you feel better?  Please share!  :)