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Author Topic: 12 Tips for Keeping Your Mojo while Pregnant and on Bedrest (link)  (Read 2470 times)


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12 Tips for Keeping Your Mojo while Pregnant and on Bedrest:

Great article and great advice! What will YOU try?


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How common is depression while on bedrest?

I've only been on bedrest for 4 weeks, and I certainly haven't felt depressed, nor sorry for myself... (but in physical pain - hips, shoulders - yes).
Maybe it's because I have already done many of the items listed here that would apply to me.  The best one on the list is being in the "center" of the home... it's been like that since day 1, so I recommend it too.  All the others are great too.

But, I must say, we should probably ask for more help with food... which is difficult when close friends are hours drive away, there is no family nearby, and co-workers don't know how to make vegan food.  Ah well, I will admit... it's really just an excuse for us not to ask for help.  I guess I didn't really answer the question.  I'll have to think about it.  :)
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