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Author Topic: What WE can fo for our hubbies  (Read 13546 times)


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What WE can fo for our hubbies
« on: May 17, 2010 at 07:13 PM »
Self pitty while on bedrest is a common emotion for moms.  You get to a place where it feels like it's only happening to you.  But it's sooooooo important to realize that it's happening to our husbands as well.  They are learning just how much of the daily load we carried.  More often that not we did it without complaint.  This is a heavy and sudden shift for our husbands.  They go from 50% of the duties to 120%.  We need to look at our husbands with compassion and grattitude.  Even if they complain or if they are slow getting dinner ready when we want it.  This is a huge burden they have shouldered and I am sure that on some days, even if they wouldn't dream of saying so, they get resentful as we lay about and watch them scurry around the house.  Communication about our feelings has helped me and my husband.  When he is overwhelmed or when I feel useless just sitting here.  I wrote about my admiration for him & what he's had to take on on my blog, "In Sickness and Health"

I just really want all you hubbies to know that you are the unsung heros of this situation!  Thank you to all of you!  You are amazing!


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Re: What WE can fo for our hubbies
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2010 at 04:07 PM »
So true about all the work our husbands do.  My hubby is the busiest person I know... until I got off bedrest.  :o)  It's time to give him a little bit of a break before baby arrives.

Here's the direct link to your entry


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Re: What WE can fo for our hubbies
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2011 at 01:54 PM »
I was just today thinking about this - how I can show my appreciation more.

I plan on making "coupons" for my husband to redeem when he wants for things like playing his favourite board game with him or watching a movie of his choice etc. Things I can do still.
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Re: What WE can fo for our hubbies
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2012 at 05:32 PM »
I noticed just changing my attitude helped my man out alot. the house doesnt have to be perfect and i can tv dinner or left overs. A few ideas i share my snacks w him in bed. peel him oranges and grapes. have pick nicks in bed. write him a love and thank you note. tell him he s doing fabulous job with everything. shower together we trade scrubbing, i tell flirt w him alot. i wear his t shirts and  tell him they make me feel better. i give him  foot, hand and light back rubs with lotion. watch his kinda tv shows with him even ufc fighting. play music he likes. and not to be out of line here but occasionally pull up some adult videos for him help him out best i can. i tell him come take a break and just do what you can. i listen to how his day went. use more paper plates and cups, it helps to remind him everything will be ok we made it this far. alot of compliments and encouragement. i have him pick out babys name and things. my man is now 26weeks pregnate along with me. He loves that i call him superman.


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Re: What WE can fo for our hubbies
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2012 at 08:19 PM »
 hi! I was just reading your comments... Like the coupons idea haha... And also t paper plates... Wonder if they make paper saucepans ;D unfortunately, so far my parter seems to just give himself a hard time over things that don't matter and then take it out on me :( like, making a fuss that he overcooked t rice and dinner was ruinned. T rice was fine!!! Nevermind that he forgot to add any salt, and didn't cook any vegetables (my dinner was pretty much a platefull of rice) and he didn't wash t chopping board from t day before... And i never complained. Not exatly enjoying my dinner thinking i was risking getting listeria, after all this! And didn't refuse to eat coz otherwise i think he'd just have a fit. After going through soooooo much trouble cooking dinner for me. Nevermind all the GOOD edible, healthy dinners i cooked for him in the last 7 years! He doesn't seem to realise that it's not me he's looking after, i can just have a packet of chips if i want, but t baby needs a bit more nutrition and hygiene.

I'm sorry but i'm getting quite annoyed to realise that he's far from having some common sense, let alone being superman. And then we all have to make out that they're having it so hard because now t tables turned and they have to do all t things that we have been doing for years and everyone just takes for granted.

Any suggestions on how to get my partner to grow up and pull his weight? Think this is not a good time to ditch him though.
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