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Veil, amniotic band
« on: March 18, 2016 at 03:15 PM »
Hiii ladies!!

It's been a while since I have posted, hope everyone is doing well!!  So I am 31wks pregnant with di di twin girls! Been on semi bedrest since 21 weeks due to thin cervix. I have been taking Progesterone gel and taking it easy. The girls are growing well, at our 29 weeks growth scan baby a (Irie) weighed  3lbs 3oz and baby b  b (Imri) weighed 3lbs 5oz!! My cervix has been holding on measuring now at 1.65cm. Thank God. We have been going to see the perinatologist
 Since January and I actually dread going besides the fact that we get to see the girls in 4d!! I have had an ffn test done 3 times and all have been negative!! So here is an update of what has been going on:
Last Wednesday March 9th the nurse did our usual cervix check and scan of the girls but when the doctor came in she had a look on her face.  She told me that my cervix was barely there and measured at 0.5cm.  Had to start steroid shots to help the twins lungs development in case they decided to come early. . Wednesday got the first and finish the second dose Thursday, March 10th.  The doctor then measured my cervix again and told me they had made a mistake the day before. My cervix was not 0.5 but 1.65 and she was extremely sorry. We finished thr steroids because they couldn't hurt if anything they would help.  God is good y'all,  the power of prayer is real
 Okay so on top of all that stress they keep saying there is a veil or amniotic sheet/band on baby A(Irie) head. I have attached a picture of one of the older sonograms . The white line seen going down her forehead is what they are referring too.  She also seems to have club foot.  I am wondering if anyone esle has dealt with this?  They are not sure what exactly it is and aren't really worried. But terms like deformation and plastic surgery have been said . Regardless these girls are my world and the greatest blessings I have ever received. We are due May 9th at 38 weeks. I would love some feedback to help calm my nerves.  Google has been horrible and I wish I would have never searched amniotic band. Goodness lol. Would appreciate prayers and good vibes for my girls. I will be praying for each and every one of you as well. Stay beautiful ????