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Author Topic: 100% Effacement does NOT always mean PTL  (Read 2656 times)


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100% Effacement does NOT always mean PTL
« on: May 24, 2010 at 01:26 PM »
My previous post:
The beginning of my story:

Since my last post about being OFF bedrest, I learned that EFFACEMENT has NOTHING to do with when you give birth.  How can that be, you ask?

My hubby and I were reading on page 52 of Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon, and she writes "...I was completely effaced (and the cervix was even slightly open) two months before I went into labor...effacement tells you nothing about the day and hour of your birth..."

I was shocked that my doctors/midwives didn't tell me this.  In my case, I had no PTL symptoms except 50-75% effaced at 30 weeks, and this would have been real good for me to know.

I ran this through my Bradley instructor who replied "...people are always surprised when I tell them that effacement, and even dilation to an extent, tell us NOTHING about when labor will begin!".
I had already canceled my Bradley classes due of bedrest, but I can't believe she didn't tell me this before when I told her my news... nevertheless, there it is.

So, the same day, I ran into an OB at my church where I mentioned this and she confirmed it!  And went on to say how amazing it is what our bodies do to prepare.

Doctors/Midwives dont' tell us this?

I realize this may not be true for everyone (even if there are no other symptoms), but excuse me... it's something I would have loved to know back at 30 weeks when this all started.  It's huge when making decisions based on doctor advise.

Well, I just needed to say that...

Off bed rest,
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