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Author Topic: Preterm Delivery (twice!) Possibly Celiac?  (Read 1411 times)


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Preterm Delivery (twice!) Possibly Celiac?
« on: March 08, 2017 at 03:49 PM »
Hi!! I'' new here. I've had two babies and both pregnancies were the same. Fine until they weren't. At about 6 months I start contractions but they don't affect me until literally from one day to the next I go into labor. My water broke with the first, with the second it was at a drs appointment. He did the test where he feels for dilation and effacement and he said I was in very active labor 100% effaced. Baby came 3 hours later via C-section (first one was C also) My babies are great thank G-d and in perfect health. 1st baby: 33 weeks after two hospitalizations for preterm labor, 1 month bedrest, nifedipine, etc. and 2nd baby) 35 weeks after one week bedrest, nifedipine and one hospitalization for preterm delivery.   Both preterm deliveries were conpletely unexplained. I even had an amniosintesis with the first and infevtions all came back negative. So I've tried researching and figuring out why this happens and now I'' getting screened for Celiac (gluten allergy) which sometimes causes preterm deliveries, amongst other things. I'll have my results in 15 days...just curious if there's any Celiacs here who could share their experiences. Love to all! (Apologies for my writing, English is my second language)
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