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Author Topic: new here and would like to share my story  (Read 1364 times)


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new here and would like to share my story
« on: March 21, 2017 at 09:56 AM »
Hi everyone,
Here is my story; At 23 weeks i was having severe Braxton hicks, multiple an hour. I called my midwife and I went in and the measured my cervix and it was at 2.9 cm. so not bad, not good. I was told to take it easy. So that’s what I did I started working less and leaving more household chores for my hubby. The contractions continued but didn’t really get worse. When I was 27+5 I was having them again but more severe and frequent. Tried everything, bath, painkillers and breathing exercises. Finally I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning feeling the same I called my mom to come pick up my son for the day (16 months). After she left I called my midwife and we made an appointment for early afternoon. I went back to bed, even took a bath trying to feel better. I decided to go get a container to pee in. I had PE with my son so I wanted her to check for protein. When I got back to the bathroom without thinking I sat down to pee. I thought to myself “stupid pregnancy brain” and figured I would catch some urine the next time I had to go. When I went to get up I felt something surge out of me quickly put the container under me. I looked at it and to me it looked like fuzzy urine. I decided to take it to my appointment anyway. When I got to my midwife’s office I could sit the contractions were to “annoying”. Once it was my turn I went in and told her about my night and morning and handed her my container (slightly embarrassed) she then got out a very big cue tip to check for fluid. She said it would turn blue if positive. Well it did. I was then rushed to the hospital I was only 27+6 weeks. And there they measured my cervix via ultrasound and it was only .8 cm. there was also funneling. Due to this and my regular contractions they started me on the lung ripping  shots, magnesium and something to stop my contractions something starting with the letter n.
After two days of preterm labor everything went quit. Thank god! After a week in the hospital on strict bedrest I was sent home. I was given instructions to lay most of the day but I was allowed to sit on the couch as well. (I live in Europe, the Netherlands) so here I am at 30+6 still pregnant, no meds or anything and terrified of having to live this way for 10 weeks but also terrified of my sweet baby girl being forced into this world because mommy’s body sucks at being pregnant.  I wish someone could say; you’ll have her on this and this date. I have so much respect for all you girls that have been on bedrest for the majority of your pregnancy… your stories make mine sound like I am such a baby.