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Author Topic: 15weeks and 21mm to 26mm -pessary, bedrest, & progest  (Read 1227 times)


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15weeks and 21mm to 26mm -pessary, bedrest, & progest
« on: March 25, 2017 at 08:21 PM »
I'm on day five of my short cervix adventure. My docs wanted to check my CL at 15weeks due to past LEEP, even though I carried our 10m old to term. Because scar tissue could have been "supporting" my cervix, the birthing process could have weakened the organ. First check I was 26mm, next day had more cramping, so they checked me again and I was 21mm, and we started strict bed rest and 2X daily 200mg progesterone. On day three I called about cramps and backpain, so they wanted to be extra safe, and brought me in again. Great news I was back to 25mm, and we inserted a pessary. Next check will be the 31st, and we're sure we will get more good news. Until then I am on modified bed rest, and my hubby is amazing.
Interesting fact: we could see my CL change during the US, it was amazing. My high risk docs are amazing!
Looking to learn more about what other women have experienced, and sending tons of good vibes!!!!