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Author Topic: 24 weeks with short cervix and marginal previa  (Read 551 times)


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24 weeks with short cervix and marginal previa
« on: May 15, 2017 at 11:23 PM »
Hi all-

I am 24w3d pregnant with my first child. When I went for my anatomy scan at 18 weeks, I found out that my cervix was measuring 2.9 cm and that I had a low lying placenta. I was told that the placenta would likely move later in pregnancy, and I didn't need to worry too much about it at this point. My OB said that because my cervix was so close to the 3 cm or greater they like to see, it was possible that my cervix was just naturally short and there was no reason for concern. She told me to come back to get it re-measured in a week and see if there as any change. One week later (19 weeks) my cervix was 2.0 cm. My OB told me stop exercising and put me on progesterone suppositories and a week later at 20 weeks my cervix was still 2.0 cm, so things had stabilized. Since then my cervical length has remained stable, and actually has gotten longer (now measuring 2.7 cm). However, at 22.5 weeks, I had some minor spotting. The ultrasound showed my cervical length was stable, so the OB concluded the spotting was likely from the low lying placenta. A week later I had more significant red bleeding. My cervical length was still stable, so again I was told it was likely the placenta causing the bleeding. After the second bleeding episode, my OB told me I needed to start working at home full time. As of my last ultrasound at 23w6d, it appears the placenta is starting to move away, so my OB is optimistic it will move soon and the bleeding will stop.

I will have my next ultrasound at 28 weeks (unless I have more bleeding or other concerning symptoms between now and then) and if at that time I haven't had any additional bleeding, the cervix hasn't shortened, and the placenta has moved away from the cervix, I will likely be allowed to start working in the office again. I feel very fortunate that 1)I'm not on bedrest and 2)things appear to be stable for now, but having to deal with these complications has certainly been scary and emotionally challenging. I am normally a very active person, so it is hard to be so sedentary.

I welcome any feedback or advice from other women who have had a similar experience. Thanks!