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Author Topic: LLETZ and pre-pregnancy short cervix  (Read 1249 times)


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LLETZ and pre-pregnancy short cervix
« on: July 03, 2017 at 11:38 AM »
Hello everyone,

I hope it's okay that I'm posting on here as I'm not pregnant! However, I've found this website to be the only one with good advice and information about having a short cervix.

I'm 26. My first ever smear test at 24 was abnormal and I needed to have a LLETZ procedure. That was a year ago and my last smear was normal  :) I've had quite a lot of pelvic pain so my GP referred me for a scan. Scan was all normal but my cervix is only 2.8cm long.

So big question. How much does the cervix generally shorten in pregnancy? Anyone else had experience of a short cervix after LLETZ and did it cause problems in pregnancy?

I think it's quite unusual to know your cervical length before you even get pregnant so I'm finding it hard to get information. Did anyone else know theirs pre-pregnancy?

Ideally I wanted to wait a few years before having a baby. However, I am married and financially stable (it wouldn't be the worst thing!) I'm really worried about having another abnormal smear, having more of my cervix removed and making pregnancy even more complicated. It's always niggling in the back of my mind. Seeing as average cervix length is meant to be 4-5cm and I'm 2.8cm I already feel at a disadvantage!

Any advice, experiences or information would be amazing :) thank you xx