Author Topic: Currently on SBR but as of 31 weeks will no longer be able to :( please read.  (Read 61 times)


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I'm currently 27 weeks 1 day. Had emergent rescue cerclage placed at 21 weeks for u shaped funneling, bulging membranes, and dilation. Doctor never thought I would make it this far, since surgery I've been on strict bed rest only bathroom and shower sitting every other day, also on vaginal progesterone and procardia to prevent contractions. My mother in law has been here entire time but has to leave when I'm about 31 weeks :(. We don't have any other family that can help me so I can stay on complete bedrest, so during the day I will have to take care of our 22 month old baby and  will only be able to lay down when toddler will allow.
My appointment last week cervix decreased from 1.9cm to 1.4 still have u shaped funneling but cervix is closed and cerclage in place. My question is does anyone think cerclage will hold until closer to term not being on strict bedrest? Any stories of hope?