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Author Topic: First pregnancy roller coaster  (Read 1019 times)


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First pregnancy roller coaster
« on: November 07, 2017 at 05:07 AM »
After a few years of trying, my husband and I had a successful iui done on Father’s Day. At 8 weeks I came home from work and felt a gush of warmth (I thought I was peeing my pants) I dashed off to the bathroom and my husband found me sitting on the toilet, panties filled with blood holding a palm sized clot in my hand. Of course it was after midnight, because things like this never conveniently happen at normal business hours!

We waited for a few hours for the on call ultrasound tech to come back to the hospital and confirm or relieve us of our worst fears. Luckily our son’s heartbeat was nice and strong. We ended up getting diagnosed with a sub chorionic hemorrhage that lasted about 8 stress filled weeks.

The hemorrhage resolved and was replaced by a ball of sludge (cervical phlegmon) which prompted our ob to measure my.cervix. It measured 3.1, because that is exactly what we needed after our first scare! We went back the next week .... 2.2 and we started vaginal progesterone... next week 2.4... progress?

Two weeks still holding steady! Then this past Thursday a dime sized amount of mucus came out. We called the doctor and sent over a lovely picture of my vagina booger, he sent us to Labor & Delivery. The mucus ended up being nothing to worry about but for kicks before releasing me they decided to check my cervical length. Why not at least 20 people have been all up in my business since the start of this pregnancy, what was 1 more?

1.3 was not what we wanted to hear after only about a week and a half since our last measurement. At that point I was placed on strict bedrest and back to weekly appointments. My next appointment was already scheduled for Monday (today) so we went in, not expecting much of a change over 4 days.

We were wrong .9, more funneling, membranes and my son’s fist pushing into the funnel, as well as more mucus and signs that my cervix was starting to open.

So here I am in the hospital being monitored for signs of contractions or labor (none so far) As long as I don’t start contractions or labor I get my very own shiny new cerclage put in tomsorrow (technically today, given the wee hour)

I’m 22 weeks 2 days and hoping like mad this keeps my little man in the oven a bit longer. I’m also really ready to get off this roller coaster!