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Author Topic: Here we are again!  (Read 563 times)


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Here we are again!
« on: December 10, 2017 at 03:48 PM »
Hey mommas! I posted several weeks back and so many of you have been so sweet to check in, but I've sucked at keeping up with everything on here this go-round. My computer took a dive so I'm just on my phone which makes it a little harder!! But I'm so thankful to all of you who have been so kind and expressed your thoughts and love toward my family. Anyone who didn't see "my story", my first KEC success story is almost 2 years old and is currently fighting cancer and was also paralyzed by his tumor and underwent spinal surgery in October.

Things continue to be rocky here and unfortunately little miss Abigail decided she'd join in. I was put on bed rest at 27 weeks (5 weeks better than last time though so not bad!!). My cervix was measuring 4.2 at 25 weeks and dropped down to 2.3 at 27 weeks. That's what it did last time between weeks 19 and 22 though, so still much much better off. I had a negative ffn at 28 weeks and will have another on the 19th. Currently I'm 28 weeks and 3 days. The only symptoms I've got besides some mild intermittent contractions and occasional pelvic pressure is going STIR CRAZY! 2 year old and pregnant momma together all day inside, phew. Thankfully my awesome mom is here during most of the week now, and my hubby is here in evenings and on weekends. We're making it work :)

As for my little boy, we're in a waiting game right now. His scan in November showed some minimal growth in the remaining tumor (most of it was removed but a small piece was not safe to take out) so we get another scan this Friday with results on the 20th. He did not respond to chemo at all, so surgery was plan b. If there's more growth as of this week's scan, plan c will be another medication that he'll take orally that is supposedly pretty well tolerated. If that fails then he'll go under for yet another risky surgery, though thankfully this time none of the growth is in the spinal column. So for now we're in limbo with all that and he's wearing a back brace until February while he heals from spinal surgery. The biggest and best news is that he's walking again!! He was supposed to be paraplegic for life so to say we're overjoyed is an understatement. He's my hero!

Stress and anxiety are without a doubt present almost 24/7 but I'm taking it a moment at a time. It is hard feeling like both my babies need me and both are on the line, and there's not a ton I can do for either one. Having faith and focusing on the moment gets me through. My boy is such a ray of sunshine that it is impossible to let sadness and fear win most days.

Even though I'm sucking at staying in touch on here, I'm so grateful for this community. I know this is what got me through the first time and I'm going to try and reach out here more often! Giving and receiving support is such a valuable tool in this battle. Keep em cooking ladies! Love to you all!

I tried to attach pics of my kids but it won't let me! I'm putting him in my profile pic though :)