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Author Topic: My story- Brand New Here!  (Read 95 times)


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My story- Brand New Here!
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Hello everyone,
My name is Chaiela (pronounced Shayla). I was referred to this forum by a nurse at the hospital I was recently admitted to. I just wanted to introduce myself and my situation. I am 29 years old, Florida born, GA raised but now residing in San Diego, CA. I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I couldn’t be more excited, him especially since it’s a boy! The situation: I went last week for my anatomy scan. Of course not knowing what to expect. After the tech finished he says everything looks great, baby is healthy just have to have to doc check you out and you’re done. This was my husband’s first appointment with me due to being in the Navy so he was just excited seeing so much of baby. The doctor comes in the tech followed with a wheelchair and he says we need to rush you to L&D because your cervix is extremely short and your baby could be born any minute. I immediately burst into tears. My husband tried comforting me but soon enough tears were on his face too. We get to L&D, they put me in trendelenburg (all too familiar being that I’m a respiratory therapist) and begin to prep me for the O.R. I’m still lost and in shock not really processing what a cerclage is. To get to the point tomorrow makes a week post cerclage with a .8 cm cervix, funneling, 2 cm dilated at the time of surgery. My concern is I wasn’t put on bedrest, no meds given to prevent labor or infection. But I’m positively hanging on to my prayers and my faith. My son will live. Sorry the long post just a dramatic entrance LOL! Please share your stories with me especially if they are similar. xoxo