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Author Topic: My 22 week appt today  (Read 2206 times)


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My 22 week appt today
« on: June 23, 2010 at 11:12 PM »
Today marked my 22 week appointment. As usual, I had my ultrasound first & then my appointment with my OB. Overall, things looked good!
First, they checked my cervical length. It is shorter than what it was previously, now at 3.3 cm (two weeks ago it was 4.1-4.4; 3.5-3.9 last week), but they said that was still good - as long as it was more than 3 cm they are happy. Of course, I don't like the change, but will have to take their word on it. My OB tried to reassure me that while it can be an important piece of the picture, the cervical length is not "rocket science" but just one piece of the picture.  I learned that this length can fluctuate from check to check. As there is less pressure from the baby (as the baby grows the head won't sit so low in the pelvis), it can cause the cervix to lengthen some. It also can be affected by one's activity - how much I'm up & placing more pressure with gravity. So, she said it is in my best interest to take it as easy as possible & continue our current plan - no working & modified bedrest at home at least until I hit the 28 week mark.
Second, the placenta placement is NOT an issue!! The area of concern seen at 20 weeks must have all been due to how the baby was positioned. Neither the umbilical cord or placenta were near my cervix this time!! One less thing to worry about!
Third, they checked baby's size by measuring the head, abdomen, femur, etc & estimated it to be about 1 lb 3 oz. She spent quite a bit of time trying to get some good pictures of the heart since I guess they were only able to get a limited view of the heart at my 18 week scan. They said everything looked good. Also, kidneys were rechecked, and basically unchanged. One measured 4 & one measured 6 (their cutoff for normal is a 4) so I guess we'll look at that again later - we didn't really discuss this today.
So I will hopefully hang tight for 2 more weeks, take it easy & hope that my cervix doesn't shrink any more!!!!!!!!