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Author Topic: Success story - short cervix, hospital bedrest at 25 weeks; made it to 39wks!  (Read 452 times)


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I promised myself that I would post to this forum after giving birth to give others hope. I lurked during my pregnancy all the time but was either in too denial, too stressed or too depressed to post. I’m here to tell my story and give others hope now tho! My baby boy Ben is 3 months old now and a huge healthy 15 lbs and born after a scheduled c at 39 weeks!

I had a daughter in 2012 and she was a very uneventful pregnancy and she arrived via emergency c at 39w6d.

We started trying for another in 2014 and after a ton of heartbreak, 3 miscarriages and failed iui’s and ivf, we finally got pregnant with Ben in early 2017.

Everything was good until I had some spotting at 24 weeks. I went in and got an ultrasound and found my cervix at 1.4cm and dynamic and funneling with a negative ffn.  I was put on modified bedrest at home. After 2 weeks I went back and another ultrasound showed NO residual closed cervix (but not dilated) I got steroids and mag and was admitted to the hospital. I stayed there for 8 weeks and cervix never dialated but biweekly ultrasounds showed no closed cervix left. It was a hard road, especially with a 5 year old at home. But I got to 34 weeks and went home. I made it to my 39 week c and got my rainbow baby. He was 8lbs 5oz and beautiful! He’s now a babbling 3 mo old and is amazing. Hang in there for everyone who is going through this. ??????