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Author Topic: 23 weeks pregnant (twins) pre-term labor with VERY frequent contractions  (Read 326 times)


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Hi Ladies,
So great to join this forum.  I am 23 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) with mono/di ID twin boys.  I have been having the odd contraction here and there for awhile but last week they became 5 mins apart so I went to the hospital.  My cervix has started to shorten but is still classed as closed.  They gave me a few doses of terbutaline and some BP meds that can help also....contractions still going but not as frequent.

I have to get to 26 weeks at least to avoid 1) death and 2) serious neurological issues so I am TERRIFIED.
Anyone else had this diagnosis so early and made it later, i don't even care about full term at this point...praying for anything past 26 weeks.  Would love to hear some news of being able to do this...SO frightened after 9 pregnancies and one live birth, this is my last chance.

Hope to chat and thinking of you all, women are literally amazing!