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Author Topic: steriods and gestational diabetes  (Read 1116 times)


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steriods and gestational diabetes
« on: June 15, 2018 at 05:58 AM »
So my drs had warned me when they started the steriods for baby's lungs that it can affect my glucose numbers...

Didn't seem so bad the first day since they were starving me anyway in case of emergency c-section, but yesterday after a long fought battle for food privileges I finally got to eat lunch and dinner and my post meal readings were sky high (mid 200's after 30 pathetic carbs) and my fasting this morning was 140. I'm already on insulin treatment anyway but I don't feel like my drs seem to be on top of adjusting my doses enough to keep this under control.

For those who've had to deal with this combination before how long did it take for your glucose to get back to its normal after steriods?  (I have my makena tomorrow too that always gives them a bump too!!)

On a related note one weird thing, the morning before my contractions and abruption started my numbers went off a cliff, like half my usual after breakfast and battling off hypoglycemia in the 50's with emergency candy and extra snacks all morning. I'm convinced that was somehow a warning sign of something being wrong with my placenta before it started detaching but the drs I mentioned it to on admission were completely dismissive of the idea. Thoughts?