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Author Topic: 33wk, 0.6mm cervix, frequent contractions and not on bed rest  (Read 1143 times)


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So...not only am I a little oven but also a doctor and this process is driving me crazy. FTM, baby boy. All your ladies stories are what keeps me sane and hopeful.
At 21wks my cervix was 1.9cm. I went to med school a while ago and this was not a standard of care--measuring cervical length at the time.
I was told to "reduce my work schedule" and started on progesterone  suppositories. I stopped working out. Strict pelvic rest (that was hard! I was insanely horny)
At 22wks went up to 2.3cm, and we resumed planning for a baby moon.
At 24wks, back to 1.7, cancelled baby moon. No other precautions apart from no working out that i imposed, continued progesterone. I take daily walks, at least 20min twice a day, but at times i did a 4mi and a 6mi. Slow pace.
At 25 wks, 1.3cm. Sent me to l&d and noted that i was not in labor.
At 26wks, 1.4cm,
At 28wks, 1.4cm
At 30 wks, 1.4cm
This was the best. All steady and passed a ctitical stage. I went to a couple prenatal yoga classes, i was on a high.
Then, i started paying attention to contractions. They were definitely there for weeks but i brushed them off. Mild discomfort, belly would get super tight, press on my bladder, etc. Sometimes 8-10 an hour, sometimes less. Was told to go and check and was monitored. Yes they saw contractions but decided to let me go.
At week 32, went for usual (and last, i hope!) cervix scan and was at 0.6cm. Nothing but alarm on all doctor's faces-- "are you feeling contractions?" Duh. Yes, as i have been saying for weeks now. Was admitted to hospital, 2 shots of steroids. The nex day was still at 0.6cm. Released to go home.
Since then ive been totally bummed. I havent changed much of my activity, but, honestly, unless i see data in scientific literature i am not going on bed rest. Not that anyone recommended it but it is my fear and i have much respect for all of you who can do it. I cant. In fact, bed rest is more harm than good but it makes everyone feel like they are doing something.
My biggest fear is that i go into labor and not notice it as i have all these subtle signs yet it doesn't feel lile the real thing. And some stories make you realize that you may not know.
My other reason for posting is that, if some other md was following me, i may have gone on bedrest 3 mos ago! And, as proof, you can make it to 33 wks without it and staying mildly active.
I want him to cook more but i also have to stay sane. I want to do a couple more surgeries and see some more patients before this baby comes out.
Oh, and the contractions! Total medical mystery, btw.


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Re: 33wk, 0.6mm cervix, frequent contractions and not on bed rest
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018 at 09:50 AM »
Hey ms79,

Congratulations on making it so far!

We just had our little guy at 33+6 and he is doing so well.

I had lots and lots of contractions this pregnancy.  At 21 weeks, I was diagnosed with irritable uterus.  Due to all of the intervention that I had, cervical cerclage and pessary ring, they were unable to get an accurate measurement of my cervix via ultrasound.  However, several visits to L&D assured me that my cervix was closed and hard.

The weeks leading up to his birth, I noticed more and more tightenings.  8-10 an hour was not uncommon for me, either.  In the NST test the day before I went into labour, they noted 3 within the 20 minute period.

When I eventually did go into active labour, my water broke and true contractions immediately followed.  There is no way that I would have mistaken these contractions for irritable uterus or Braxton Hicks.  They were strong and painful.

From what I understand, it's rare to go into labour without feeling true contractions, especially at your gestation.  Keep an eye out for changes in your discharge, and continue to take it easy, just like you're doing :)

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!


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Re: 33wk, 0.6mm cervix, frequent contractions and not on bed rest
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2018 at 07:25 AM »

Congrats on your 33+ wks, it is so comforting to know that real labor feels different and more intense. You just uplifted my mood!
Hope your son is thriving.