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36+6 and big thanks
« on: July 17, 2018 at 08:06 AM »

My name is Angela and I live in France.

I would like to thank you Angela for the existence and very kind and encouraging thoughts shared by you and the community on the forum. I was rather a silent participant until now.

Here is my story :
Frightened by a rough unexpected diagnosis : short cervix (1,5 cm) with funnel at 22 weeks, I was desperately searching "refuge": a think positive, objective information, positive response to cope with my medical situation and emotions. And I finally found it all on!

In my case, I had to go through some phases:

-  At first I didn't think it was that important to just rest, I still did some "easy" work around the house... And at 28 weeks my OB-GYN decided I needed to be immediately hospitalized for 2 days for steroid injections. I didn't tolerate it very well, it irritated my uterus and I started to have Braxton contractions just a few hours after the first injection. So I needed to be kept under surveillance in the hospital for 2 additional days with Adalat (Nifedipine) meds.
- After hospitalization, I got to accepting to totally leave my independent, active life behind, isolate myself and... rest in bed all day long! That was a huge deal for me! I left all house chores to my husband, I hired a cleaning company to help us and just rested.
- At 32 weeks my OB-GYN announced me great news : my strict rest gave results, the funnel disappeared and I gained 0,6 cm! So my cervix was ferm and measured 2,1 cm!

Of course during all this time I was constantly reading the forum, especially during the most depressing moments.

Today I am celebrating 36 weeks and 6 days! Baby is still moving and kicking me, I have trouble sleeping, moving around, my feet are swallowing, but how great is the feeling that I made it, that there's no more preterm birth risk!!

If I could give a last piece of advice to the (new) members it would be the following : please accept and understand that bed rest is the main cure for the preterm birth pregnancy risk. Do not try to cheat your body by doing easy chores, you'll loose at this game for sure! Bending and lifting stuff around engage your belly muscles to work and that's bad for your uterus and cervix. Do what you want while im bed: read, watch tv etc... Avoid any stressful situation, stay positive, pray!

Note: I've tried checking my work emails also from bed, it didn't work either because of my emotional instability. I couldn't control my emotions, the smallest thing became stressful very quickly... So after my hospitalization I completely cut off the corde. Isolation and complete cut off from the real events of life helped me stay positive.