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Twins Story
« on: December 08, 2018 at 06:37 AM »
I would like to share my story to anyone that is in a similar situation.

I am a first time mom with spontaneous di di twins. I was 23 weeks and going for a follow up ultrasound from my 20 week anatomy scan as they didn't visualize the heart in twin B. I will add I was experiencing periods of Braxton hicks contractions every 2-3 minutes when I was walking my dog or busy on my feet at work. I didn't think anything of them. The ultrasound went well until the operator checked my cervix. She immediately went quiet and left the room to get a doctor. I could see on the screen where baby A's head was and funneling... it looked totally different from 3 weeks ago. They brought me to a small room and informed me I had no measurable cervix left. It was an immediate trip to the hospital where I was given a choice to have a cerclage. After discussing with several doctors we decided against it as it was too risky and there wasn't enough cervix left. I received betamethasone and was admitted to antepartum. There was talk I would stay there until delivery. Those days were the most anxious and terrible of my life. The neonatal doctor discussed all the scary things that could happen with micro preemies. Every twinge or tightening I thought was my cervix opening even more. Thankfully after 4 days of no uterine activity, the new attending doctor allowed me to go home as we live only 15 minutes away. I was so happy but still felt like such a long journey ahead.

It was the middle of summer so I spent my days lounging around the backyard and trying to stay cool. We rented a wheelchair so I could go out and enjoy the summer. That made a huge difference. I was on modified bedrest so I would be up for less than 10 minutes on my feet. My husband and mom were great helps during this time. Time moved slowly but at the same time fast. We celebrated when we hit 26 weeks, then 28, then 30! The Neonatal doc had given us a little chart with weeks gestation and survival rates and disability rates. I looked at that chart so often and felt a bit of relief each time we moved to a new row. I still had regular Braxton hicks during this time occurring about 1-2 per hour. They were always more frequent at night. My anxiety was decreasing as each week went by. 

We celebrated big when I reached 32 weeks. It was also my 30th birthday. By then I had also been diagnosed with gestational hypertension. My legs had swelled up suddenly over night and I was admitted to antepartum again where they controlled my blood pressure overnight and let me go home. The next week when I hit 33 weeks I was taking my blood pressure at home when I realized it wasn't coming down. The home care nurses advised me to go in. Little did I know I wouldn't be leaving without giving birth this time. After 2 days of the doctors upping medications to control my blood pressure, my urine output went to zero and my liver started being affected. I was seeing spots as well. They decided to induce me at 33.2 weeks.

Not surprisingly I was dilated 4 cm when they broke my water. I had a wicked fast labour and gave birth vaginally to two tiny 3lb girls. They were in the nicu for 3 weeks with no health issues... just growing and feeding. We have been home for 2 months now and the girls are about 10lbs, nice and chubby, smiling and almost holding their heads.

I still think back to that scary week I spent in the hospital and how thankful I am to have healthy and wonderful babies.
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Re: Twins Story
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2018 at 09:21 AM »
Im so happy for you! Thanks for the encouragement!


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Re: Twins Story
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2018 at 11:36 AM »
Wow! What an amazing outcome that you were able to hold on another 10 weeks. It's wonderful to hear how wonderfully chubby and healthy your babies are now. I know your story will inspire others, so thank you for sharing it!


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Re: Twins Story
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2018 at 01:44 PM »
This gives me great hope for my little di-di twin boys. I came to L&D triage to be examined because something felt off and found out I was contracting, dilated to 1cm, with a cervical length of 1cm at 23w2d. I have been having uterine irritability with a few non painful contractions here and there since.  I was admitted to the high risk antepartum unit and it doesn’t sound like I will go home until after the birth. I am looking forward to 28 weeks for now. And hopefully into the 30s after that!

I had no idea anything was happening when I left my house that morning. So bizarre to think the next time I get to go home will likely be an entirely different season and with two babies!