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Bedrest 2.0
« on: April 10, 2019 at 12:37 AM »
Hi Everyone,
My name is Jennifer and I first heard about KeepEmCookin during my last bedrest experience in 2016 when I went into threatened preterm labour at 24+5 weeks as a result of an incompetent cervix. I made it to 36+1, welcomed my daughter into this world after 12 weeks of bedrest (8 in hospital and 4 weeks at home under the supervision of antenatal home care).

Going forward, I knew going into my subsequent pregnancies I would be monitored a lot more closely and I was taken to the OR for a prophylactic cerclage 13+5. However two weeks later at 15+3 I felt a snap in my pelvis while I was at work accompanied by an enormous amount of pressure. Little did I know that when I left work that evening it would be my last shift till 2020 as I found out my cerclage was migrating out and my cervix had shortened from my previous scan post cerclage insertion. I was taken off of work for the duration of my pregnancy and I was placed on modified bedrest at home. Im currently 18 weeks now.

All things considered, I'm focusing on the positive, my husband is very supportive and I have friends and family who visit everyday to help with my 2 year old daughter. I've learnt from my previous bedrest experience to have a visitor schedule so I don't become overwhelmed and still give myself time to rest. Yet I will be honest, I still feel anxious and disappointed to be here again. I knew going back on to bedrest would eventually happen, but never anticipated it would be so soon.