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« on: November 15, 2019 at 08:08 PM »
I am almost 22 weeks and just got my cerclage. We found a short cervix at 19w2days on the anatomy scan and waited for 2 weeks to see how it progressed which was not well (1.3cm) and I went in for the procedure a little over 24 hours later. I am on heparin therapy for a clotting disorder as well and needed to wait the 24 hours. We were so scared!

It has been such a rollercoaster for this baby! I finally feel like it is all hitting me suddenly because I have cried a bit here and there for no good reason and I do not normally cry. I have a super supportive husband and a perfect 4 year old! They are my world!! My daughter does not really understand what is going on but knows she needs to help more and be very careful. I am so nervous about how things will progress because it seems like this is going to take a while.

After my daughter we lost 6 pregnancies; 3 ectopics and 2 that were quite early. Each one was such a blow. After we were told we couldnt get pregnant we started IVF. Everything went so well and we got 8 embryos but all came back abnormal which was a huge blow. I had a hard time mentally recovering from that. Our Doc said he would try 1 embryo that was a mosaic (hit or miss) and we tried to implant but the massive amounts of estrogen were too much and we needed a break. I menstrated and ... became pregnant! No one could believe it! We were not happy however, and worried about another ectopic. It was not. Then I bled terribly and we couldnt find a reason. I had had knee surgery earlier after a sporting event and wound up with a DVT. All indicating a clotting disorder and yes, I tested positive. So on Lovonox I went. It took me until week 12 to feel good about this pregnancy. And we were feeling so good! I started getting back into a routine, exercising, feeling positive, thinking about baby and then we got word of my shortening cervix. I was devastated. Back to worring, back to pelvic rest and feeling anxious.

Now after the cerclage I am terrified about the baby falling out, infections and how I will cope with weeks (hopefully 18) of basically bes rest?! I am allowed to walk " purposefully" to the bathroom and to kitchen to eat etc. but no lifting over 5 lbs. and no exercise at all. No housework either. Under any other circumstance I would be thrilled to have people doing my chores for me but seeing as it's going to be weeks on end I already feel like a burden. I also worry how it's going to impact my relationship with my daughter and also my husband. Right now he's being super supportive but I will be wondering every day if he's going to resent me or lose feelings for me. Its such a worry.

Anyways. Its nice to find a group who can relate. I look forward to learning some fun things I can do while not able to leave the house!