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Author Topic: Incompetent/funneling cervix, wk 8 hospital bedrest  (Read 1602 times)


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Incompetent/funneling cervix, wk 8 hospital bedrest
« on: March 02, 2020 at 04:10 PM »
Hi ladies,
I’ve been using this forum for weeks to give myself hope and have loved being able to read so many peoples stories. I figured I could share my own.
This is my first pregnancy, my husband and I weren’t trying to get pregnant just yet but were so excited for this surprise baby once we found out. The pregnancy  started out rocky, my doctor sends all patients to MFM specialist for the 18 wk anatomy scan in case there are issues. My US showed a previa and shorter than average cervix (2.7), but doctor didn’t seem too concerned. Went back to MFM at 22 weeks and previa had moved some but still low lying. My cervix had gone to 2.2 but I was told at that point it was too late for cerclage. So I was put on progesterone pill form. On Saturday January 11 I was 23 weeks 4 days & I woke up and had spotting, because of the problems I’d had I went ahead and called the on-call line for my OB and was told to go to L&D to be safe. I left my house that day thinking I’d be back in a few hours and have not returned since, it’s been 7 long weeks. I was admitted to a room and immediately put on monitors where it was discovered I was having 2-3 minute apart contractions. The hospital OB seemed clueless as to what to do and spent most of the time trying to get in contact with my OB and my MFM to figure out what to do. With short cervix she didn’t want to risk checking for dilation and making things worse. So I was put on magnesium drip and got the steroid shot, and was told that we would be staying over night. The next morning came and the hospital staff began pushing for me to agree to be transferred downtown to the hospital with the higher level NICU, the doctors were afraid that once they weened me off the magnesium I would go into labor and have to deliver, so I went ahead and did the transfer. The doctors at the hospital I was transferred to were a lot more knowledgeable and were able to immediately diagnose me with a subchorionic hematoma that had been clotted behind my placenta most of the pregnancy, the bottom of my placenta tore off a bit allowing the old blood to drain out. Luckily within 3 days the bleeding had stopped and within a week my ultrasound showed the placenta had sealed back to the uterus. When I found out it was healed I figured I’d be going home, I was 25 weeks at this time. But while doing my ultrasound she noticed my cervix was not only short, 2cm... but it was “dynamic” and could be pushed to a 1cm length just by pressing on my belly or coughing. So I was then told because of the dynamic cervix, my membrane bag was funneling into my cervix which could put me at a risk of PPROM, but she said that around 28 weeks the baby could be turned head down and his head would sort of “cork” my cervix making it less likely if rupture. I also happen to have a really irritable uterus, I have to take 10 mg Procardia 4 times daily and I even contract while on it and have to take Ventelin occasionally. My contractions don’t seem to do much to my cervix luckily because it continues to be 1-2 cm on my ultrasounds. Well 28 weeks came, and then 30. And now I’m at 31 with no sign of getting to go home. I am blessed to have been assigned a doctor here who is very cautious and has gotten me this far along in the pregnancy. Every week has been a huge celebration. I get a little frustrated knowing there are plenty of people with this condition that have been on bedrest at home, I would love to be discharged and get to wait it out at home now that I am getting further along, but I’m trying to stay positive and remember that every week I am here staying pregnant is less time for my baby in the NICU. It’s very easy to get into a funk and feel like you’ve been cheated out of a normal 1st pregnancy and missed out on all of the exciting things like having a shower or showing off my FINALLY visible belly. I know if there’s a healthy baby at the end of this journey it will all pay off, but hospital bedrest is brutal and I would love to hear your stories and what got you through this time !
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