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Author Topic: Monday Roll Call for November 30, 2020  (Read 316 times)


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Monday Roll Call for November 30, 2020
« on: November 30, 2020 at 10:43 AM »
Hello, ladies!

These are some strange times we are living in due to COVID-19. Bed rest is tough enough as it is, but now you may also have to limit visitors because you need to avoid the risk of exposure. Are there people in your life who you can make part of your "bubble" so they can visit you safely?

The reason I bring this up now is the fact that we've entered the holiday season. Is there someone who can decorate your home for you? Or could you cleverly decorate your tree a few ornaments at a time when you're up anyway to use the bathroom? Are you allowed to sit up to wrap presents?

Is there anything you could recommend to other ladies here that you're doing to capture the holiday spirit? Listening to special music? Are you shopping online, or having someone do some shopping for you? Are you able to have friends, family,  or a leader from your religious community FaceTime or Zoom with you? One bright side of COVID is that we're all learning to Zoom and FaceTime!

Keep looking forward, mamas!