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28 week appointment....
« on: August 04, 2010 at 04:28 PM »
I had my appt today (28 wks 2 days)....I'm still trying to process everything - I have mixed emotions, everyone else seems to still be optimistic about everything, but I of course have to be the worrier.  (This could get lengthy...sorry)
First of all started with my cervical length which dropped to 2.5 cm - it has been 3.5 cm for several weeks. On manual exam I was told my cervix was closed, soft & 50% effaced. Also, baby's kidneys are still enlarged & have gotten larger than on last check - I think 6 weeks ago. So the peri came in the u/s room to look around himself & discuss everything with me. Asked if I had been having cramping, contractions, etc. I have had a few more contractions the past few days - but nothing near the limits of when they say to call (4-6 per hour). I mostly notice them when I stand up to head to the BR, etc.
He talked a bit about betamethasone - but told him I'd had it at 24 weeks. He said if he thought I was about to deliver, he would repeat it, but he doesn't think I'm at that point yet.
They tried to get good pictures of the heart & did an echocardiogram - the dilated kidneys is a "soft" marker for Downs so they were trying to get good pictures. I think baby was on a sugar high from the glucola I drank an hour before & didnt' want to cooperate well. But they are quite confident the heart looks good (which also was the case 6 wks ago too), so we will just watch the kidneys - either urine refluxing into kidneys or narrowed ureter - things that we can determine/fix if needed after birth.
We talked about my plans to VBAC this time, he said I'm a very good candidate for VBAC. My scar is low transverse; chances uterine rupture <1%. I asked if having a preterm c/s put me at higher risk & he said no...
I asked if I would happen to deliver prematurely again - would that ruin my chances to VBAC & he said no, as long as all looked good w/ baby. (DD was c/s b/c her cord was prolapsed). This baby is still sitting breech - so he did say that would be a contraindication & they wouldn't try to manually turn the baby (if still breech) til 36-37 weeks.
They guess baby to be about 2 lbs 14 oz which puts it at 64th percentile - measuring about 1 wk ahead. Which matches up to the fundal height my MW got later - 29 weeks.
Thankfully my MW is just down the hall from the peri so they chatted briefly before I saw her. She was very optimistic & said the peri was optimistic about how things were looking. Why don't I feel very good then? I just feel uneasy - I guess mostly with my cervix - I don't like the change. She said not to dwell on the cervical length - this is just today, & the cervix is very "dynamic" - she said we could recheck tomorrow & it could be 3.5 cm, who knows?....I told her when she manually checked me 4 weeks ago she told me my cervix was firm - I know it could be differing opinions b/c the peri checked me today. She said it's not uncommon to be softer w/ a 2nd pg as well as the fact that I'm 4 weeks further into the pregnancy as well.
I got a refill for my procardia, I'd only been taking it every 12 hrs & they both stressed that I could take it every 6 hrs if needed. I think I'll go to every 8 hrs first (that's what my original rx was written for) & see if I notice less contractions; and try to take it easy, although the peri told me bedrest isn't proven to be effective, which I've heard - but I have been up & about a bit more than usual this past week since my MW said I didn't need to be laying constantly. So maybe that was part of my deal.  I don't think I necessarily over did it, but didn't spend as much time laying as usual - would sit more often, etc.
Oh & my MW just called me & my glucose was 118; glad I passed I got kinda sick to my stomach from that stuff this time.
So, I think that's everything.  Good luck to everyone else!