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Author Topic: Happy 8-9-10 Day! It's the Monday Roll Call!  (Read 9415 times)


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Re: Happy 8-9-10 Day! It's the Monday Roll Call!
« Reply #15 on: August 12, 2010 at 04:05 PM »
I have been on this site for months, but now can join the bed rest group. I went into labor 5 days ago at 32 weeks. Spent 3 days inthe hospital getting mag and steroid shots. I am now home on strict bed rest and Procardia. I had the same thing happen at exact time with my now 2 1/2 yo daughter. i made it to 35 weeks with her and am trying to do the same now. Yesterday my cervix was 2.8, still 60% effaced and dialted at a 2. Still contracting regularly but they aren't painful, and not causing any changes yet. This time we had to put our daughter in daycare b/c I am a SAHM. That has been hard, but glad she is taken care of and has some consitency right now. I know we will have to do the NICU again so that will help having her there too so I can be with my son. Anyone else had a round of mag/steroids and stayed pregnant for weeks? I didn't get all that the first time, so this is new to me. The Procaria makes me feel like crap, and I feel like he is ready to crawl out. Oh the things we do for our babies. so nice to talk to other moms in the same boat.