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Author Topic: Re: It's the Monday Roll Call! 10-11-10  (Read 2012 times)


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Re: It's the Monday Roll Call! 10-11-10
« on: October 12, 2010 at 05:00 PM »
Thanks for your sharing Aditya, Twinmommy and 122910.

I am just settled back at home in bed after a day at Labor & Delivery. After speaking with my OB this morning she had me go right over, and she cared for me while I was there. I had plenty of time to ask all my questions and I now feel like we have more of a game plan. Unfortunately I'm bleeding (they don't know why, ? slight abruption?) but my cervix hasn't changed since the last check despite all these contractions. Also, I have a UTI and was dehydrated (despite drinking pots of tea and liters of water???). How much water is my baby using? Dang! I received 2 liters of IV hydration and some IV antibiotics and am starting to feel better.

It is great to read that effacement and dilation do not = immediate delivery. There is time yet for tocolytics and corticosteroids when we see things progressing. For now I just need to treat the UTI and drink up. Also- I'm back on full bed rest with just showers & toilet trips for now. Good to know exactly what I have to stick to. I did take the time to write out my questions and it really does help! I was even able to relay everything to my husband successfully so he didn't have to miss work for another trip to the hospital.

Drink up, one and all! More than you ever think you should! And not wine, either :)