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Author Topic: Survivor of 11 weeks hospital Bedrest  (Read 3608 times)


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Survivor of 11 weeks hospital Bedrest
« on: March 18, 2009 at 07:24 AM »
My name is Audrey and I am married to a wonderful man named Chris. We have a beautiful daughter named Katherine Grace who was born at 32 weeks gestation at INOVA Fairfax Hospital (August 2, 2008).  Due to an ob/gyn that didn't heed my preterm warning signs, I almost lost my baby girl. I started bleeding at 13 weeks and it continued almost daily till 20.  At 20 I had my second bad hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital.  My doctor told me again to ignore the bleeding because I had a low placenta and that was just going to happen.  Hooked up to the monitor I was having irritability and contractions but was told to ignore that too.  My husband suggested I get a second opinion and thank God I did.  I self referred myself to Perinatal Associates of Northern Virginia and they admitted me the day I saw them. They said it was so bad that I couldnt go home and wait for my husband to take me...they told me he'd have to cab there.  For some reason...maybe because it was all so sureal...I thought they could just fix something and I would go home.  I was 21 weeks with a bleeding placenta previa, sub chorionic hematomas, and pre term labor.  The cramps I had been having were contractions 2-5 min apart.  They didn't think she would make it to the end of the week and 23 weeks was insane to think of.  They sent in the NICU staff to have "the talk" with me and give me the infamous "packet" as I call it of horrifying statistics. I was on complete bedrest in the hospital for 11 weeks. Because of being there we beat all odds and held on till 32 weeks gestation after being put on magnesium sulfate 4X and having enough terbutaline to last me a lifetime.  I now hold the unwanted title for most "mag" treatments at Fairfax.  The magnesium was so painful and I felt like I was on fire with my veins burning.  I couldn't see while on it and also had severe muscle loss to where I couldn't move my legs while taking it. It was hard to breathe and I suffered from sever migraines.  I was constantly in L&D but other than that I never got to leave my room.  I couldn't walk, have wheelchair rides, nothing!  Well I take it back, I did have a 10 min. wheelchair ride but went into labor again so the rides were canceled from there on out.  At 32 weeks we were celebrating our milestone but little did we know she was failing inside.  The NST that morning showed her heart rate at 80-90bpm and I was contracting and bleeding again.  They called a code to the room and did an emergency C-section (which lasted 2 hours).  They had to cut through the placenta to get her out.  We both hemorrhaged severely but a few blood transfusions later we came through.  I was very active before bedrest working, going to school for my PhD, and always on my feet.  I was also active physically with rockclimbing etc. but boy does bedrest take a toll on your body.  Not walking for 3 months effets your no matter how active you were.  I underwent 5 months of physical therapy but they say that 1 week of bedrest = 1 month of recovery time.  So I'm feeling tons better but hopefully by the time the year is done I'll be 100%.  When I was in bed I swore I'd never have another child but about 4 months after she got here I changed my mind.  HAHA.  Funny how that happens!  Katherine spent over a month in Fairfax NICU and is now home with us. Its hard to believe she was 3.5 lbs and is now a huge 14 lbs at 7.5 months! It is crazy how they grow and how you fall in love with them more and more every day.  We beat all odds and obstacles with this pregnancy.  They baby they said would not be is now at home with us and thriving.  This whole journey was not without great sacrifice, pain, tears, perseverance, and a TOTAL MIRACLE..but we never gave up and that is the key.  Keep trying with each day and you might be surprised how far you get...God knows we were.  We ended up naming her Katherine Grace because Katherine has a meaning of pure faith and Grace means favor.  We said that maybe if we had enough faith we'd find favor.  I'd say we definitely did!


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Re: Survivor of 11 weeks hospital Bedrest
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2009 at 11:00 PM »
Thanks for sharing your story! You've given other women a lot to learn from -- especially knowing to listen to their bodies and to be aware of preterm labor symptoms ( You went through SO much, it is just unreal. I hope you'll check back and offer support to some of our hospital bed-resters. We've just started an outreach campaign to about 10 MD/VA/DC hospitals, so we will likely see more of the hospital "prisoners" on the forum (in addition to those on "house arrest").

My little guy turned 8 months old this week. I did 3+ months of bed rest before he was born, and then almost 2 months of very limited activity afterward due to pre-e and kidney failure. I wish someone had warned me how HARD the recovery/rehabilitation would be! Every day I figured it had to get better soon, but I probably should have done physical therapy. I'm sorry you still aren't feeling 100 percent, but you've got a great attitude and that will really help. Some days I just felt so beat down, but I found if I pushed myself a bit more a few times each day, my strength seemed to grow.

Thank you for being an advocate for yourself, your daughter, and other moms everywhere!!!
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Re: Survivor of 11 weeks hospital Bedrest
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2009 at 07:03 AM »
thank you for posting your beautiful story!  well done.

i am shocked to know bedrest has that much effect on the body.  i have done 3 weeks now and feel ok.  do you mean if i was suddenly allowed to get up and go i would not be able to and physically i would be very weak?

thanks again!